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Old 07-04-2014, 07:03 PM
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Re: Hauppauge HD-PVR support

Originally Posted by gobo View Post

Is there any simple way to detect via software or some other method if BTV is recording or idle. I want to try to use the DevCon utilty to disable and re-enable my HDPVR's during idle times to see if that will solve my problems. I'm still trying WMC and not loving it.
Although not perfect because sometimes HD-PVR hangs and the following is not deleted, but this should give you a start:

For every current recording there is the following xml created in your recording folder:

MLB Baseball-(San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres)

In theory if there are no "*.inprogress.xml"s then BTV is not recording,

WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64 bit
BTV V4.9.3.6535
2x HDHR Prime
Equipment for sale. PM me.

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Old 07-05-2014, 04:26 PM
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Re: Hauppauge HD-PVR support

Thanks I will give that a try. I'm hoping that since BTV and my HDPVR always work fine after I power the HDPVR off/on after it hangs that if I toggle the HDPVR disabled then enabled in device manager (when not in use) it will work the same way. Hopefully the problem with the drivers has something to do with USB and will be cleared when the device gets re"connected". I never in all the years using my HDPVR with BTV had it hang during live TV or in the middle of a recording. It was always at the beginning when the HDPVR was activated. Will let you know if this works.
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Old 01-02-2015, 04:20 PM
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Re: Hauppauge HD-PVR support

(Long Post!)

I think I may have finally found a solution to my (and hopefully anyone else's) HDPVR's locking up. I was having constant lockups with my HDPVRs before this, at least a few times a day. I have been running this solution for what I would guess is over 3 months now without a single lockup. I didn't post it until now because I wanted to be sure it really did work for me. I also wanted to tweak it more (to maybe look in BTV's error log for problems), but as it turns out I didn't even have too. If someone wants to tweak the script to add things like that or look for better ways to detect problems and then reset the HDPVRs they can probably add that easily too to suit their problems. I know a lot of people have been using the HDHomerun Prime with Cablecard, I do as well. The problem is that it does not tune all of my channels, none of the primes like HBO tune, and even some non-prime channels won't come tune, so the HDPVR to the rescue.

The solution is actually pretty simple to implement, even though the instructions LOOK long . All it basically does is turn the HDPVR off then on automatically every 30 minutes when it's not in use, and leaves it alone when it's being used. You can tweak it to turn it off and on more or less frequently as well if you like. I was worried that with this solution it would mistakenly turn the HDPVR off in the middle of a recording or live TV but is hasn't at all.

Here are the steps.

1) Purchase a device called PWRUSB Basic. Its $89 but worth it. I might buy another just in case the company goes away. It's not sold on Amazon but it was when I bought it. It was shipped directly from the company anyway. You can get it at:
This device is basically a USB controlled power strip. You can turn each socket on/off individually simply with on PC through the PWRUSBs Windows App or the command line.

2) Install the software that comes with the PowerUSB. In it's main control panel all I have checked off is the tick box for "Power Outlet 1". In the "Advanced" Button, I left everything alone again, the only tick box checked there is for "Outlet 1". Leave the "Scheduled On-Off button alone. Then just hit minimize to tray. I believe its set to autorun at startup by default, which is needed. If it isn't, add it to your startup folder.

3) There are 4 outlets. The fourth one is always on, the other three are USB controlled. **Plug the HDPVR into Outlet #1**. Apparently the others leak a very small amount of power, which caused problems for me initially. Outlet #1 is truly off. If you have more than one HDPVR, use a multi-socket extension cord to connect them all to outlet#1

4) Included in this post is an AutoHotkey script called "Reset HDPVRs If No Live or Recording.ahk". You will have to edit the script to point to all of your Beyond TV recording folders for it to work. You also have to edit it to point to the location you installed the POWERUSB's software.

5) Download AutoHotKey installer from here, "". It's safe, open source and been around for a while now. I'd use the 32 bit version even if on a 64bit OS. There is another version out there but its older and doesn't work as well. Install AutoHotkey.

6) After you edit and save your version of the script, right click on it's .AHK file and choose "Compile Script". It will create the EXE file you need.

7) Add your compiled AutoHotKey script's EXE to your startup. It will power cycle the HDPVR(s) every thirty minutes (unless you changed my defaults) when not in use so it/they will always be "Fresh".

8) That's it.

I also included another compiled simple AHK script to manually turn the HDPVR's off/on once called "Reset HDPVRs.exe". When run, it simply powers the PowerUSB's outlet #1 off then on then exits. I set a button on my remote control to run the EXE. The idea was that if the HDPVR ever did lock up I could just press a button on the remote to power cycle them instead of having to get up. I haven't needed it yet but nice to have it in case. In fact that was my original plan of action until I wrote the script. I also run the "Reset HDPVRs.exe" file once when my PC boots to start with a fresh HDPVR then too.


About the script. Its a pretty simple AutoHotKey script and easy to edit. As stated above you need to edit it to point to all of your BeyondTV recordings folders. You can also adjust the times and frequency that it will power cycle your HDPVR(s)

The script basically works like this:

---These lines are where you set the frequency and times you want it to power cycle the Outlet (and HDPVRs) if not in use:

SetTimer, CheckTime, 60000 ;Checks the time every minute

if (A_Min=07) or (A_Min=37)

The way it's set now it checks at 7 and 37 minutes past the hour. I figured it's better not to check if BTV is recording when a show would likely just be starting, at 0 or 30 minutes, so I set it 7 minutes in. You can add or change times at will. Changing the "Checktime" value to:
"if (A_Min=07) or (A_Min=22) or (A_Min=37) or (A_Min=52)" , no quotations, would check every fifteen minutes and if not in use, power cycle the HDPVR every 15 minutes.

---These lines check to see if BTV is currently recording any shows. The way it checks is that BTV always creates a file with "inprogress.xml" in it's name in one of the recording folders only when it is recording a show. If it exists then the script will detect it and not reset the HDPVRs.
You HAVE to change these lines to point to your recording folders. If you have more recording folders just copy and paste another entry here and edit it to your folders location(s). If you have less than then delete the extra folder lines.

; These lines check for Running Recordings.
; Add edit and/or add more for your recording folders
; ---------------------------------------------------

IfExist, d:\snapstream\shows2\*.inprogress.xml

IfExist, f:\snapstream\shows1\*.inprogress.xml

---These lines check to see if BTV is currently running Live TV. The way it checks is that BTV always creates a hidden file of the show it's playing in Live TV in one of these folders ONLY during Live TV. Normally there are no hidden files in a recording folder. If a hidden file exists then the script detects it and will not reset the HDPVRs.
You *HAVE* to change these lines to point to your recording folders. If you have more folders just copy and paste another entry here and edit to your folders location. If you have less than then delete the extra lines.

; These lines check if Live TV is running.
; Add edit and/or add more for your recording folders
; ---------------------------------------------------

SetWorkingDir, d:\snapstream\shows2\
FileList =
Loop *.tp
if A_LoopFileAttrib contains H

SetWorkingDir, f:\snapstream\shows1\
FileList =
Loop *.tp
if A_LoopFileAttrib contains H

---If script reaches here then all the prerequisites were met to powercycle the HDPVR's. These lines run the included command line program that installs with the PowerUSB software. With this command it runs Hidden(no popup) to Power Cycle The HDPVRs. The "pwrusbcmd.exe" executable might be located somewhere else on your system depending on where you installed the PowerUSB's software. Change the location accordingly. If you are running 64 bit Windows it will probably be in the :\Program Files(86)\PowerUSB

run, C:\Program Files\PowerUSB\pwrusbcmd.exe 0 0 0, ,hide
sleep 4000 ;wait 4 seconds
run, C:\Program Files\PowerUSB\pwrusbcmd.exe 1 0 0, ,hide

I hope this helps anyone else who has problems with their HDPVR. What a pain these devices turned out to be! Mine look like FrankenHDPVRs with fans, big power supplies, heatsinks and so on. I feel like I've been battling these damn thing for years! Take that HDPVR! Anyway, it's good to know that as long as there is the analog hole (and guide data) we will be able to use Beyond TV. I sometimes wonder how long the cable companies will allow unencrypted stuff on Cablecard. This spring when I was having so much trouble with my HDPVR's I gave up on BTV after many years of use. I tried almost every DVR solution out there and had settled on Windows Media Center. While it works and works well with cablecard encryption, the DRM and interface don't cut it. BTV is just a so much better DVR experience. Even better now that its rock solid.

All files are included in the attached Zip File. Good Luck!
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Old 01-22-2015, 12:46 PM
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Re: Hauppauge HD-PVR support

Just an update.

Still zero problems. HDPVR hasn't had a single issue. It went from problems for years to 100% stable as soon as I did what I did I the last post.

Hope it helps.
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Old 10-16-2015, 01:38 PM
lschroeder lschroeder is offline
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Re: Hauppauge HD-PVR support

I had my BTV server hard drive fail. I made a thread with how I got the BTV server back working with all my tuners: OTA, prime, and HD PVR.

See this post in the thread, 'BTV HTPC Hard Drive Failure Imminent', for details at how I got my HD PVR working. Two post before were my HD PVR initial setup, but I did not have 5.1 audio or use the latest driver. The earlier post does have details of how I have my OTA, prime, and HD PVR line ups plus info on TME(update) problems.

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hd pvr, hdpvr

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