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Re: BTV-Externinator - Alpha release

Originally Posted by nanook105 View Post
Doh.... rename .... I already admitted to being dense this evening, guess I wasn't kidding
hey, i missed that one too.....................
3.0G/Core2Duo, XPsp3, 3G ram, BTV4.9.2 => 250GB NTFS => nightly to 2x 300GB gbit-Linkstation NAS

(formerly-BTV) Tuners:
2x HDHomeRun (2 QAM, 2 OTA)
2x HD-PVR - cable stb (both v.D2)

HD network media clients on gigabit LAN:
2x Sage HD200
1x Ziova CS615

Media Servers:
TVersity (upnp), SMB (shares)

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