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Re: BTV-Externinator - Alpha release

Version .02 (alpha) is available:

- Fixed the auto-launch. (was still using the BTV-Negociator registry key)

- Removed more left over codes.

EDIT: The HDHR-Program sub-tab is not actually functional just yet...
BeyondTVLibrary: BTV 4.9 SDK addition for developers.
BTV-Negociator 5.07: Conflict resolution/Guide updates/Searches/etc.
BTV-Externinator 1.70: External recordings, Firewire/clear QAM/DVB/R5000HD/etc.
GrafCorder: Record from a simple .GRF file. - MLBeyond TV: MainLobby integration.
TaBTVRemote 0.12, BTVRemote 1.01, TiBTVRemote 1.05: Control BTV's interface with an Android device, PlayBook 2.0 or iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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