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Re: BTV-Externinator - Alpha release

Originally Posted by jmaver View Post
Mine complained about missing english.txt, so I copied it in there from BTVNegotiator.
Well, I did include some English2.txt file, but forgot to update something else.

What I really need, is for HDHomeRun users to upload their channel scan files so I can use that for the new channel mapping... Of course, a few confirmations that I haven't broken anything with the Firewire/DVICO-QAM/HDHR recordings would be nice too...

The good news is that it now works exactly the same for me as the BTVNegotiator does.
In other words, it still doesn't work?
BeyondTVLibrary: BTV 4.9 SDK addition for developers.
BTV-Negociator 5.07: Conflict resolution/Guide updates/Searches/etc.
BTV-Externinator 1.70: External recordings, Firewire/clear QAM/DVB/R5000HD/etc.
GrafCorder: Record from a simple .GRF file. - MLBeyond TV: MainLobby integration.
TaBTVRemote 0.12, BTVRemote 1.01, TiBTVRemote 1.05: Control BTV's interface with an Android device, PlayBook 2.0 or iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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