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Re: BTV-Externinator - Alpha release

I don't get it. You mean change the name?
Mine complained about missing english.txt, so I copied it in there from BTVNegotiator.
The good news is that it now works exactly the same for me as the BTVNegotiator does. I am looking forward to the .net 2.0 version that uses the api directly without VLC.
Anything I can do to help?

Originally Posted by Fonceur View Post
Well, since I have to spell it out (I guess people are not used to renaming files at the command prompt...):

BTV-Negociator.ini ==> BTV-Externinator.ini
BTV-Negociator.ctl ==> BTV-Externinator.ctl
BTV-Negociator-ext.txt ==> BTV-Externinator-ext.txt
BTV-Negociator_DVICO-Ch.xml ==> BTV-Externinator_DVICO-Ch.xml
BTV-Negociator_HDHR-Ch.xml ==> BTV-Externinator_HDHR-Ch.xml

The other files are not used (for searches and such).
John Maver
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