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Re: BTV-Externinator - Alpha release

I copied BRVE into the directory with BTVN and BTVE does not have any of my existing settings/setups. Is there something else I need to do ?

Media- 5 Tuners XP SP2 BTV 4.9.X
Asus P4S8X|P4 2.4|FX5200|PVR350/250/150/NVidia DualTV|OB SNDMAX

DVD - 10 Tuners XP SP2 BTV 4.9.X
Asus P4800E Dlx|P4 3.0 HT|FX5700|2GB Mem|PVR250/PVR150//2 PVRUSB2/]3 HDHomeRun/QAM

3 BTV Links - All XP SP2 BTV 4.9.X, BM 1.1, Firelfy

Family Room Asus P4800 Dlx|P4 2.6HT|7600GT
Treadmill Shuttle P4 2.6HT|6600GT
Basement Asus P4800 Dlx|P4 3.0HT|6600GT
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