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BTV-Externinator - Alpha release

The goal of BTV-Externinator is to perfom recordings, using capture devices not currently supported by Beyond TV (i.e. Firewire, DVB, unencrypted QAM, HDHomeRun, R5000HD, etc.). This addon acts as a bridge between BTV's powerfull schedulling and an external application, which knows how to perform recordings with that unsupported capture device (i.e. VLC, ProgDVB, FusionHDTV, etc.)

While initially BTV-Externinator required Framework .NET 1.1, starting with version .87a2 it requires .NET 2.0 and version 1.72b moved to .NET 3.5.

See the wiki for some probably out-dated instructions... ...


- Without the BTV SDK I would not have tried to do this.
- Thanks to DaWanderer for the BTVLibrary!
- Thanks to LaMarvin for the ColorPicker!
- Thanks to Martin Cook for the Managed Font Combobox!
- Thanks to Nishant Sivakumar for the multi-line listbox!
- Thanks to RodgerB for the MessageBox with a timeout!
- Thanks to Alexander Lowe for the Windows Shutdown!
- Thanks to Kilrsat for answering my frequent questions!
- Thanks to Howard Gilbert for the HDHRcorder!

For versions of BTV before 4.8.0, you can get the stable version .75 beta - 2 or the beta release 1.31. For version of Beyond TV starting with 4.8.0 and up, you can use the beta release 1.75 (not backward compatible). Link to the official release can be found in the signature... Starting with version 2, only the Firewire+ and GrafCorder external tuners are supported. Version 2.06 added a dedicated HDHR tab.
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BeyondTVLibrary: BTV 4.9 SDK addition for developers.
BTV-Negociator 5.07: Conflict resolution/Guide updates/Searches/etc.
BTV-Externinator 1.70: External recordings, Firewire/clear QAM/DVB/R5000HD/etc.
GrafCorder: Record from a simple .GRF file. - MLBeyond TV: MainLobby integration.
TaBTVRemote 0.12, BTVRemote 1.01, TiBTVRemote 1.05: Control BTV's interface with an Android device, PlayBook 2.0 or iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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