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Re: [addon] AutoXvid

Originally Posted by kreyz28
I actually do have the AKGExecutionHours set to Immediate so I'm not sure why it won't start the autogk compression. Here's my ini if yo want to take a look.

AutoGKPath= C:\Program Files\AutoGK\AutoGK.exe
BTVRecordFolders= D:\pvr
BTVRecurseFolders= D:\pvr
OutPutSize= Quality 75%
Priority= Low
MakeSubDir= No
SubDirFormat= Genre\Title
Logging= Yes
OutPutFolder= D:\pvr
Quite= Yes

EpisodeData= Yes

CCPath= .subtitles
SubTitlesDesire= No

AGKExecutionHours= Immediate
WaitForSmartChapters= Yes
DeleteSource= Yes
ShutDown= No
It would appear that I misspelled SubTitlesDesired in the InstallAutoXvid.exe, missed the d at the end. You should change the INI to read :
SubTitlesDesired= No
but that is not your problem. It would appear that ScheduledRun did not 'Hit' the START button on AutoGK. If you RESTORE AutoGK it will 'hide' itself, it's icon will pop up on the right side of the toolbar, you can then restore it. It should have the job queued. If you click START it should begin. Meanwhile I will reexamine the code that 'hits' START in ScheduledRun.
Thanks for trying AutoXvid.
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