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Re: [addon] AutoXvid

Originally Posted by kreyz28
ThickHead, excellent catch, I know can get the jobs queued in autoxvid.

Lee, I noticed a couple of things in my testing.

1. I can see the job queued in autogk, but it seems to never click on the "start" button to start processing
2. I started logging the processing and noticed that it has the following for epgdata:

DeleteSource=1 EpisodeData+1

is it suppose to be +1?

Excellent stuff btw, much easier to integrate with btv than the other plugins I've tried.
In your AutoXvid.ini you should have a entry under [SheduledRun] that reads:
AGKExecutionHours= Immediate (I think that is what InstallAutoXvid buikds.
You can change that to
AGKExecutionHours= 10pm thru 6am (using English notation)
or to:
AGKExecutionHours= 22-6 (using 24 hour clock)
In the above two examples, at 10pm or 22 hours ScheduledRun should 'hit' the START button on AutoGK's screen, which should start the encoding. In the first example "immediate" ScheduledRun should hit the START button immediatlly.
In the AutoXvid.ini under [Episode] you should have
EpisodeData= Yes (or 1, 1 and yes are equivalent)
and under [ScheduledRun] you should have:
DeleteSource= Yes (or DeleteSource=1 if you want the mpg file deleted)
It will only be deleted though if AutoGK successfully builds an AVI file.
If your AutoXvid.ini tells AutoXvid that AutoGK is only to execute for the hours between 10pm and 6am, then AutoGK will set there in a wait state, with one or more files queued, but not encoding until ScheduledRun "hits" the START button at 10pm. Also ScheduledRun is loaded but does a wait until 10pm. So
neither one is using cpu cycles.
Does this help? BTV queues the file to AutoXvid, AutoXvid queues the file to AutoGK, and ScheduledRun decieds based on the AGKExecutionHours in AuutoXvid.ini when to kick the process off.
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