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Re: [addon] AutoXvid

Originally Posted by ThickHead
This sounds like it has everything I want from an automated compression utility, but I'm still trying to get it to work. I followed all your instructions for installation and "AutoXvid.ini" edits, including the steps in "mpg2srt.pdf", and verified the "CustomPostProcessing.xml" file. However, nothing happened after a BTV record finished or when I drag & dropped that recording onto the destop icon.

After doing some research, I found a gotcha... I didn't have "ssppcmd.dll" as mentioned in this KB article, so you may want to include that file in your install:**&p_li=

I tried again, and this time it appeared to kick off ok, as evidenced by an AutoXvid icon in the system tray having a mouse-over ballon that shows the new recording's filename. I looked at "AutoXvid.log" and it has a couple lines indicating that it acknowledges the new show. BTV Smartskip is enabled, so that ran immediately after the recording ended, but AutoXvid never did anything after that finished and that's where I'm presently stuck.
Thanks ThickHead, nice catch. I have used CustomPostProcessing for so long that I had forgotten the DLL requirement. I will indeed include the DLL and change InstallAutoXvid to check if it is already inplace and if not, put it there.

About your other problem, did AutoGK ever start running? AutoXvid should only be active for a few moments if not burning subtitles (if burning subtitles, it waits until SubTitles is finished before starting AutoGK) it then starts AutoGK, and waits on the AutoGK process, fills in parameters on AutoGk screen then starts ScheduledRun, and exits. ScheduledRun should then determine if AutoGK should be started now (AutoGKExecutionHours) if so it should start the AutoGK encoding process. If AutoXvid is setting waiting, it sounds as though
maybe InstallAutoXvid built the exection path wrong in the AutoXvid.ini?

It's great when someone debugs their on problem. I only own a single system, so I am never starting from scratch. Like forgetting about the DLL. Thanks again.
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