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Re: [addon] AutoXvid

Originally Posted by moonlonely
I installed this program, and it did not auto-run after my next recording, so I went and clicked on the shortcut for autoxvid.exe, and it gave me the message "only mpg or avi filetypes supported," which is odd, because I record to mpg.

Am I doing something wrong? I also couldn't find an easy way to uninstall the program.

Did you install it by running InstallAutoxvid.exe? If so check "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Snapstream\Beyond TV\CustomPostProcessing.xml" It should read:

The Desktop shortcuts are there for Drag and Drop, explore click on MPG file, hold down mouse button and drag the file to the shortcut for AutoXvid and release. But if the above file is there and has
DRIVE:/WHERE YOU INSTALLED THE PACKAGE\AutoXvid.exe in the 8th line, then Beyond TV should have executed AutoXvid and passed it the path/file.

Lee Cole
If you wish to uninstall, delete the file "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Snapstream\Beyond TV\CustomPostProcessing.xml"
and the directry where you installed the package.
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AUTOXVID - Check this out:
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