View Full Version : Sharp 37D5U video mismatch

07-31-2006, 07:42 PM
this is a longshot - but totally crazy situation.
the pc direct via DVI to the Sharp 37D5U is perfect.. but running through the sharp set top box (this model sharp had the tuner in a separate box) .. I cannot get the resolution to match.. the resulting image has to be panned on the screen as the edges are clipped.. this is even after the resolution is set to match on the menu of the Sharp 37D5U

could it be a bug in the set top box?

one might suggest eliminating the set top box.. but it has a much better tuner than the ahuppage, and beyondtv always has the video and sound out of sync, and you can not turn off the time shift feature.. also, the box has composite inpuits, HDTV, etc. - there are many occasions when we want to simply use live tv via that/