View Full Version : Harmony 880 and USB-UIRT help?

07-02-2006, 02:09 AM
Okay Folks, has anyone had any experince with a Harmony remote and the USB-UIRT?

I'm trying to get this working and I've run into a few walls.

What I've found so far, Is that to make this work, I need to train HIP explicitadly for each button, okay, seems to work though its a bit flakey, will need to pay more attention to it.

However here's the wall that I'm running into.

I want to be able to have my remote list

My Videos
My Music
My Pictures

etc. (I can tell it to do that by setting it as a Microsoft Media Center Remote).

However there is no way to interpret those commands when they come in. I assume that its simulate the "DVD Menu" type buttons.

So it will switch to the HTPC, and then just sit there, won't bring up Beyond Media if its not focused. Won't bring up the proper program.

The Firefly has that capability, but I can't program off it since its IR, Firefly mini doesn't seem to have those buttons, so I can't program off of it, and I'm not using Media Center, so I can't hijack Windows jumping of that.

I assume taht I could probally program HIP somehow to handle those commands, but I'm really not that advanced in this stuff.

Anyone have any suggestions on the easiest way to configure HIP for the UIRT and configuring the Harmony?

Thanks for any advice :)