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10-30-2000, 09:54 PM
If I set the encoder to Windows Media Server 4.1 then it works fine, but if I change to the 7.0 encoder then I get the follwing messages. (I can start the encoder and encode manually all day long).

[10/30/2000 22:25:45] Jobs.Save: 5 jobs were saved.
[10/30/2000 22:25:45] Jobs.AddNew: "SnapStream Diagnostic Test" successfully add
[10/30/2000 22:25:45] Master: Redistributing recordings.
[10/30/2000 22:25:45] Slave: Next recording - "SnapStream Diagnostic Test"
[10/30/2000 22:25:45] Master: Dispatched "SnapStream Diagnostic Test".
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Slave: Received execute command for "SnapStream Diagnostic
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Jobs.Sort: "Night Court" | 12:00:00, 10\31\2000 | Ch. 36.
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Record: Format = ASF, Engine = WME7.
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Jobs.Save: 4 jobs were saved.
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Record: Executing "SnapStream Diagnostic Test"...
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Record: sstemp.asf existed and had to be deleted.
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] No .asf files found in D:.
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Master: Redistributing recordings.
[10/30/2000 22:26:15] Tuning to channel 2 (55250000 Hz).
[10/30/2000 22:26:17] Record: Loaded profile successfully.
[10/30/2000 22:26:18] Record: Could not start the encoder (V7.0).
[10/30/2000 22:26:18] Master: VIDEOSERVER encountered a problem recording "SnapS
tream Diagnostic Test".
[10/30/2000 22:26:18] Master: Redistributing recordings.
[10/30/2000 22:26:18] Slave: Next recording - "Night Court"
[10/30/2000 22:26:18] Master: Dispatched "Night Court".
[10/30/2000 22:26:50] -- Next [10/31/2000 12:00:00]

I also noticed that when I change the encoder from 4.1 to 7.0 the encoding profiles DON'T change from the ASD's for 4.1 to the PRX files for 7.0.

Any ideas?

10-30-2000, 10:08 PM
Make sure your encoding format is set to Windows Media Format (vs. Encoder 7). I was having a similar problem before I changed the selection.

Good luck.

10-31-2000, 10:49 AM

I have the same problem, this is what I've found. This can be fixed if you modify the .wme (see below). For the snapstream folkes this is my fault tree.

If snapstream is running in background and I try to open any of the wme's I get the following messages:

Session file has the following problem
The output file name or location is invalid
it will be changed to c:\My Documents sstemp.wmv

I click OK and I get the next message

One or more codecs required to open this media could not be found (OxC00d1B83)
The source group will be removed from the current session.

If I close Snapstream first, I just get the first error.

Now if I go into WME and try to use one of the .wme's I get this. (Snapstream is closed)

It errors saying: A device attached to the system is not functioning.

If I then go into the properties and change the default video device to ATI Multimedia Driver. WME will record.

If I then resave this as a new wme and set it as a custom profile, Snapstream will record. I've run several short tests and it seems to work fine. Try this, it may work for you.

10-31-2000, 11:37 AM
Hi Tim,

Randy made some good points, specifically about selecting the video source manually in Windows Media Encoder and saving it to a profile.

In the vast majority of cases, if you open Windows Media Encoder 7.0 manually and save a working configuration to a file, you can specify that customized profile and have SnapStream use it if you experience problems with the provided default profiles.

You can also try Windows Media Format 7 capture. We have experienced some stability issues under Windows 98 with this method, but we recently implemented some workarounds that should vastly improve the stability of this mode of capture.

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Tim Landgrave
10-31-2000, 07:40 PM
Originally posted by HiRoller:
Make sure your encoding format is set to Windows Media Format (vs. Encoder 7). I was having a similar problem before I changed the selection.

Good luck.

10-31-2000, 09:02 PM
One thing I should add. I still get no audio when I use WME7. I hear it when it records, and if I use WME7 directly it records audio fine. But Snapstream some how disables it.