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01-04-2001, 02:05 AM
I'm trying to nail down the problems many of you have run into with the most recent version of PVS which usually show up as an "unrecognized device" error or as an inability to tune the card to the correct channel. I'm hoping you can help me by sharing your configuration and problem details so I can find the common elements, etc. Here are the different bits of information I'm looking for:

1) Which specific card do you have?
2) Which operating system are you using?
3) What version are the card's drivers?
4) Which version of DirectX are you using?
5) What combinations of capture and tuning interfaces have you tried?
6) What exact error messages or problem symptoms did you experience with each combination?

Feel free to email me at techsupport@snapstream.com with any log files, ini files, or anything else you think might be helpful.

My thanks in advance to all of you, especially those of you who have already been giving us feedback. We're doing our best to take care of this problem and your input will be very helpful.

Frank Garcia

SnapStream Media Technical Support
email: techsupport@snapstream.com
website: http://www.snapstream.com/support

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01-04-2001, 06:15 AM
1)ATI All In Wonder 128 AGP 32M
2)Win2K (server version) pchinese
5)I installed WME7.0 and media tools 4.1. I tried almost every combination of Cap&Tun interface(ATI VE/AIW TV driver win98/Me only),
error message:
Direct Show & any tuning interface :no encode engine selected ,then abort;
AVicap & ATI...: as above
Media Encoding 7.0 &ATI ....:set channel error,can not start media encode 7.0,then abort;
Media tools 4.1 & ATI....: set channel error, start recording, but it is not the channel I selected.

01-04-2001, 08:31 PM
1) ATI All-in-Wonder Pro (AGP)
2) Windows 98 SE
3) ATI Display Driver Version 4.11.2560
4) DirectX 8
5) AVICap & ATI TV Wonder/AIW Drivers(98/ME only)
6) SetChannel: Unrecognized device type (0).

This error occurs for every recording.

01-05-2001, 05:32 PM
My ini files are your ini files. Let me know if you need any more than this and it's yours. I really want this to work on my machine.

1) ATI TV wonder PCI
2) Windows 98 SE
4) 8
5) All of them
6) [1/5/2001 18:33:52] Record: Executing "Manual Recording"...
[1/5/2001 18:33:52] Tuning to channel 4 (67250000 Hz).
[1/5/2001 18:33:52] SetChannel: Unrecognized device type (1).
[1/5/2001 18:33:53] Record: Connected to MSVIDEO: Brooktree PCI Video Capture Driver.
[1/5/2001 18:33:54] Record: Current format: RGB, BPP=16
[1/5/2001 18:33:54] Record: Setting capture format to 320x240, RGB, BPP=16
[1/5/2001 18:33:54] Record: AVICap initialized.
[1/5/2001 18:33:57] Record: Writer initialized.
[1/5/2001 18:33:57] Record: Beginning to record "Manual Recording" ...
[1/5/2001 18:33:57] Capture thread ID: 0xffe1bb85
[1/5/2001 18:33:57] Master: Error - slave has started to record an unknown show.

01-07-2001, 06:09 PM
1) ATI AIW PRO 128
2) 98SE
3) 8-16-00
4) 8
5) I have tried all combinations.
6) [1/7/2001 15:57:48] Record: Executing "test"...
[1/7/2001 15:57:48] Tuning to channel 8 (181250000 Hz).
[1/7/2001 15:57:48] SetChannel: Unrecognized device type (1).
[1/7/2001 15:57:49] Record: Connected to ATI Multimedia Video Driver.
[1/7/2001 15:57:49] Record: Current format: YV12, BPP=12
[1/7/2001 15:57:49] Record: Setting capture format to 640x480, YV12, BPP=12
[1/7/2001 15:57:50] Record: AVICap initialized.
[1/7/2001 15:57:50] Record: Writer initialized.

I am having the same issues as everyone else regarding tuning.

I am willing to assist in anyway to resolve this issue. I am looking forward to using your software.


Marc Hrossowyc

01-07-2001, 08:11 PM
I am having some luck with my ATI AIW 128 PCI on a Dell/Windows 98 SE system. I had no joy at all with the WDM interface but the AVICAP and ATI tuner seem to work.

However, I have a strange problem. SnapStream PVS makes .asf files with "Windows Media Video" as the video stream codec. However, my Multimedia control panel doesn't show this codec as installed. I just removed and reinstalled both WM Player 7 and Encoder 7.

Any clues?

01-11-2001, 10:25 PM
ATI All-In-Wonder 128 PCI
Windows 2000 Professional
DirectX 8

If I use the DirectShow capture/tuning, I get the proper channel selected because I can hear the audio, but attempting to stop the recording fails.

If I use AVI Capture and ATI TV Wonder/AIW tuner it actually records correctly - however, the channel changing doesn't work then.

When my recordings do work the audio seems way over-modulated somehow ...

01-14-2001, 07:39 PM
I finally got my darned ATI TV-wonder to work using the new beta drivers for Win 2k that they've packaged with the new version of multimedia player on their site. It says that it's for win 2k only, but the drivers worked fine on my 98se, in the beginning. I just unzipped the package instead of doing a full install of the software. When 98 asked for the drivers for the card, I pointed it to the folder. This loaded Conexant WDM capture drivers and a Phillips WDM tuner interface. The thing tuned and captured beautifully. But I got stingy and tried to load the multimedia center software and it hasn't worked since, even after multiple removals and re-installs. I guess that's why they say it's for win2k only. Maybe someone else with the tv-wonder can figure this one out. I think I'm ordering another card tomorrow :)

01-20-2001, 12:14 PM
Ok, I reinstalled Win98SE. Then I used the drivers extracted from the beta multimedia center 7 package that ATI has released for Win2k. It contains WDM drivers that work with the card. It works nearly perfectly now. Installing the multimedia center seems to screw the whole thing up. I'm just going to have to use another program to watch tv. The only remaining problem is the quality of the capture but I realize that it is a WDM direct x problem which is currently being worked on.