View Full Version : ATI AIW pro on windows 2000

12-31-2000, 05:02 PM
I have downloaded the new drivers from ATI and installed Direct X. However when trying to record a show using directshow snap stream starts the record and then locks up. It appears to tune to the channel and start the recording but then only stores 62kb of data.

When I configure for AVIcap I can record, but not tune the channels.


01-19-2001, 12:55 AM
I am having the same issue. It is pissing me off a little, but luckly for me, I am in a position to install Windows ME instead of using Win2k...

But this is not an acceptable solution to this problem, and I am assuming that TECHNICAL SUPPORT and the DEVELOPMENT TEAM will be looking into this problem post-haste...(isnt that right guys??)

01-19-2001, 12:41 PM

We have been noticing that a lot of WDM drivers and DirectX 8 don't seem to work very well together. We *are* aware of the problem and are actively working with MS to attempt to resolve the capture issues.