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02-11-2001, 09:11 PM
Is there a link or document you can provide or suggest that would explain in greater detail the various options that exist in the "Managing Profiles" section of the Configure section?

I'm now using a TVator (to convert the VGA ouput of my PC to Composite) along with an X10 Entertainment Everywhere (this transmits audio and video inputs up to 100ft using 2.4ghz frequencies) package to watch recorded video on my TV in another room. It works great. It even includes a remote control that ties into the PC via serial port that allows you to map keystrokes to the remote buttons. I have full control over Windows Media Player with this setup. This allows me to far exceed a basic Tivo-eqsue setup. And to think, the X10 package is only $39!

Anyway, I want to create a profile that will do a better job of recording video at a true 640x480 rate. The default Near DVD setup just doesn't seem to be as good as I would expect. I think it's because of the deinterlacing it does. Or, it could be that I need to setup the WDM driver to capture at a higher rate. I'm not quite sure what to set and what to set it to... I just know something needs to change to improve the recording quality.

Space is not an issue... I have 86GB free at the moment. http://discuss.snapstream.com/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks for any input!

02-12-2001, 01:02 AM
Actually, space IS an issue with the current setup, unless I'm mistaken. There's a hard limit of 4GB per file on FAT32, and most programs can't read files bigger than 2. As far as I know, SnapStream doesn't split files, so you'd run into that at higher bitrates.

But bitrate isn't really the issue here. From what I can tell, the biggest factor in quality of recording is your system's speed, as the video is recorded in real time. One thing I'd like to see is an option of recording to uncompressed avi (or some low-processor-usage, lossless compression method), and doing a higher quality, more intensive encode. Split the files every 10 minutes or so and encode each 10 minute file sequentially, and combine them at the end.

This would only work on higher-end machines (fast HD, lots of storage, fast processor or multiple processors), and you probably won't be able to watch the recording for an hour or two after the recording finishes, but it'd be interesting.

And, most likely, next to impossible to implement. Maybe for 2.0? http://discuss.snapstream.com/ubb/smile.gif

02-12-2001, 07:55 AM
Anyway, I want to create a profile that will do a better job of recording video at a true 640x480 rate.

You're going to have to see if the chipset in the encoder you've got will support capturing at 640x480. As far as I know, most of the cards on the market today that are using the Brooktree/Conexant series of chips won't do above 320x240. If you want 640x480, you're going to need to look at something like the Osprey 200 series from Viewcast or the Winnov AV card. The issue with those cards is that they don't have TV tuners.

02-12-2001, 11:54 AM
The UI for the profile setup is pretty unfriendly at the moment...it has been vastly improved since then. Hopefully the next release will help you with creating new encoding profiles.

I believe we could write functionality to capture video to an uncompressed stream and compress the video stream at a later time in a non-realtime fashion. This would be a small extension of what we do now for PocketPC support. Is this something you guys are interested in seeing done?

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