View Full Version : Still no sound

09-26-2000, 04:46 PM
Just downloaded the most recent version, and I still have no sound when I record. What I have (that's relevant):

ATI TV Wonder BT 878
Soundblaster Live GamerX
Windows 98 SE

all have most recent software updates. I have tried using the volume properties to adjust the recording volume for line-in (setting the volume properties to both mute and max). I know there is still sound coming out of my speakers (CDs and audio on hard drive play without problems) AND when I use the ATI software, I have sound out of the TV Tuner and can record. (Problem is ATI software has been unreliable in the past.)

10-10-2000, 08:17 AM
I'm having the same problem with both snapstream and Cinax WinVCR. It seems that you can only get sound with the ATI software, but there has to be a workaround.

Please help, SnapStream!

10-10-2000, 09:23 PM
A fix is in the Cinax WinVCR faq.

Theres a new driver patch.

10-11-2000, 11:39 AM
would you post a link to the patch or send me a link to the patch (rakesh@snapstream.com)? I took a quick look at the winvcr faq and didn't see it.