View Full Version : what am i doing wrong?

02-18-2001, 07:57 AM
I tryed setting up the full version 1.0 i was sent, could'nt get anything to work. (also got the haup..tvcard) tryed getting the updated version through the e-mail i was sent, password didn't work. downloaded the 1.10 trial version on the main page, this version shouws some signs of attempting to work but i get the following info.

[2/18/2001 08:55:04] Master: Dispatched "SnapStream Diagnostic Test".
[2/18/2001 08:55:04] Slave: Next recording - "SnapStream Diagnostic Test"
[2/18/2001 08:55:34] Slave: Received execute command for "SnapStream Diagnostic Test".
[2/18/2001 08:55:34] Tuning to channel 3 (61250000 Hz).
[2/18/2001 08:55:34] Loading tuning interface "hauppauge.dll" (Hauppauge WinTV PCI series).
[2/18/2001 08:55:36] Record: Capture Interface is set to DirectShow.
[2/18/2001 08:55:36] Record: Executing "SnapStream Diagnostic Test"...
[2/18/2001 08:55:36] Record: sstemp.asf existed and had to be deleted.
[2/18/2001 08:55:37] Video: "MSVIDEO: Brooktree Bt848 Capture Driver" is selected.
[2/18/2001 08:55:37] Cannot add video capture to filtergraph.
[2/18/2001 08:55:37] Record: Aborting...
[2/18/2001 08:55:38] Master: COMPUTER encountered a problem while recording "SnapStream Diagnostic Test".